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Please attend the Doctor Who Event at UNF College.
University Of North Florida- Adam W. Herbet University Center
will host the Doctor Who Event beginning on
October 3rd (Friday Evening Event),
October 4th (Saturday-All Day Event),
and ending on October 5th (Sunday- All Day Event) 2014
We have many guests with some to be announced but more importantly
we have the 6th Doctor: Colin Baker as our Guest of Honor!

Colin Baker


Colin Baker played the sixth incarnation of the Doctor from 1984 to 1986,
beginning with the concluding scene of "The Caves of Androzani"
and ending with "The Ultimate Foe". He reprised the role for the
1993 Children in Need special, "Dimensions in Time", and has also
voiced the Doctor for numerous Doctor Who audio stories for Big Finish Productions.

As the Doctor, he had a mass of curly fair hair and a lurid patchwork coat.
Companions Peri Brown and Melanie Bush assisted him through Time and Space.
He added such a deep psychology to the role of The Doctor.
We all have our favorite Time Lord and he was (is) amazing!

This is Colin's 1st appearance in Jacksonville, Florida.

Matthew JacobsMatthew Jacobs and Paul McGann

 Writer of the 1996 Doctor Who Movie for FOX TV

***  Just Added: Exclusive 1st Appearance EVER
for any Doctor Who Convention or Sci-Fi Convention!

Matthew was also the Writer for the George Lucas - Steven Spielberg TV series
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Matthew has never done a convention and looks forward
to his first with us in Jacksonville, Florida.

-- See the above picture with Matt and the 8th Doctor-Paul McGann --

Who MovieWho MovieWho MovieYoung Indiana Jones

Barry Noble in Doctor WhoMoonbase



 A Classic Doctor Who Actor that served around the
2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton from 1965-1967.

Barry is an entertainer and has great stories and reflection of those
Classic Doctor Who Episodes and was honored by portraying an Evil Cyberman.
Barry was also in the 1996 "I Was a 'Doctor Who' Monster" Video documentary that is a gem to watch.

Get your DVD copy of "Moombase" that will be released by the BBC on February 11, 2014.
Get it Autographed by Barry!

Doctor Who TV episodes with Barry Noble:
Cyberman - Ep: The Moonbase (1967) Second appearance of the Cybermen
Egyptian Warrior - Ep: The Daleks' Master Plan (1965/1966)
Inferno Customer / Worker - Ep: The War Machines (1966)
Parisian Man - Ep: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve (1966)
Passenger - Ep: The Faceless Ones (1967)

This is Barry 1st appearance in Florida and in the United States!

Nick Joseph Nick in Doctor Who


Nick Joseph is an actor who has worked on the best Sci Fi movie ever:
STAR WARS Episode IV- A New Hope (1977) as the Medal of Yavin Bearer.

He also starred with three Doctor Who Doctor's:
Tom Baker, Peter Davidson, and Colin Baker.

Tom Baker 4th Doctor adventure: The Leisure Hive (1980)
Peter Davison 5th Doctor adventures: Black Orchid (1982) & Terminus (1983)
Colin Baker 6th Doctor adventure: The Mark of the Rani (1985)

Nick appeared in another Iconic BBC TV series: Blakes 7 (1981)
and was in The James Bond 007 film, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977),
Nick also starred in EastEnders soap opera for over three years
a show that started in 1985 and still runs till this day!

Mr. Joseph has many more TV shows and Films roles.

Please bring your Doctor Who DVD's or Star Wars memorabilia to have autographed!


Star Wars Sketch Artist

Banky - Chewy Banky - Han Banky - Trooper

Star Wars Galactic Files 2  2013 Sketch Card Artist Spotlight:
Vanessa 'Banky' Farano Topps' Star Wars Galactic Files -
Series 2 Trading Card Set features chase cards, such as autograph,
medallions, and printing plate inserts, as well as sketch cards.

One of the participating sketch card artists for this set is Vanessa 'Banky' Farano,
who has worked on cards for Star Wars Galaxy 6 & 7, Galactic Files 1 & 2,
and Mars Attacks for Topps, cards for the 501st Celebration VI Bash,
as well as cards for numerous other sets.

She is obviously a major Star Wars fan but many people do not know
her love for the Doctor Who TV series.

Stop by our Friends of the Force and all Whovians to see Vanessa in person!

2nd Doctor Impersonator whoville

2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) PERFECT Impersonator

Actor Bill Breuer. You must experience his uncanny performance as the beloved Second Doctor.
Bill is an accomplished stage actor who also starred in a Doctor Who play entitled:
"All the WHOS in WhoVille" which all performances were a sell out during the 2013 Christmas serason.
This play MAY come to Jacksonville!

First Time in Florida and he will be the Shows Host!

Alisa Stern

Animator, Designer, and Puppet Maker for Doctor Puppet

Puppet Doctor on Broadway Doctor Puppet Doctor Puppet

In the Spring of 2012, Alisa Stern makes a stop motion puppet
in the likeness of the 11th Doctor from BBC's TV series Doctor Who.
She then started a blog about the Doctor Puppet's adventures and this soon went viral.
It currently has over 9,500 subscribers.

The success of the blog lead to a partnership with The Nerdist (hosted by Web Soup and
Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick) and a full Doctor Puppet series for YouTube
which now is enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands.
Many say her work is pure genius and thoroughly entertaining.

Come see Alisa and all the Doctor Who Puppets in person!


MeDoctor Who Guide Book

*** Also appearing Doctor Who Author: Thomas Perryman
He has written The Doctor Who Guide Book (2014)
with a second Dr. Who book to be released by this October Convention


Kristen Marie

***  Also Appearing the lovely Doctor Who Diva & Professional Model:
Ms. Kristen Marie
She is a Doctor Who Mega-Fanatic
Please come up and meet out Hostess and get your picture taken


Please return for more information coming up during & after the Holidays.
We will update this Page and our Brown Paper Tickets Profile often.

** Full Size TARDIS for Photo Opportunities.
** Full Size K-9 for your Photo enjoyment.
** 6th Doctor's colorful Suit/Jacket on display as an exhibit.
** Cosplay Event with Prizes!
** Dealers & Vendors Room that will be one of the best!
** Panel Discussion of Series 8 of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi as the twelfth incarnation
    of the Doctor. Pro's, Con's, the impact of the 8th series of 2014
** WATCH The Airing of Peter Capaldi 8th series episode that will be on October 4th 2014 (Saturday)    
     (Note: should be the 5th or 6th episode of this new series)
** Second Doctor Classic series that will be in full discussion with a viewing of "Moonbase"
** Viewing of the 1996 FOX TV Doctor Who Movie with its original screenplay by writer Matthew Jacobs.
     Buy the original screenplay in our Dealers room.
** This will be the Show where you are NOT rushed and can spend as much time with the Stars!
** Stars will be very accessible to really get to know them one-on-one! This is a Fans delight!
** TV coverage!
** See our ads in The Buzz (monthly newspaper)  & The Folio (weekly newspaper)

Can you tell we are extremely excited and privileged to host this awesome event?
Please come to our show and if you can't please tell a friend.

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 ~ Whovians Unite! ~

UNF - University Of North Florida
(Adam W. Herbert University Center)
12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224


Friday 5pm-8pm
This is a special Pre-Event preview of The Dealers Room and meet a the Stars of Doctor Who
Saturday 10am-7pm
Full Convention Event with the Stars of Doctor Who, Dealers Room,
Cosplay Contest with Prizes, a TARDIS for Photo opportunities,
and much much more!
Sunday 10am-6pm
Full Convention Event with the Stars of Doctor Who, Dealers Room,
Cosplay Contest with Prizes, a TARDIS for Photo opportunities,
and much much more!
Please Note: The exact times for the Schedule of the Events,
Guest Panels, etc will be released closer to the Shows premiere.
Tickets for Attendees are on sale at-
Dealers & Vendors Tables also on sale at-
$25 for single Day tickets good for any of the three days (One day, One Use Tickets)
$50 for Full Weekend of Friday-Sunday
Dealers/Vendors Tables $200 for the entire weekend Friday-Sunday


Many Doctor Who Conventions make you go to their annual convention like
Chicago, IL; and Los Angeles, California, etc.
Well WE plan to take OUR Doctor Who Conventions to YOU, The loyal fans.
We will start off quarterly and we will hit various states and markets with one being as near you as possible. Jacksonville will be our home base but we want to hit I-95 North then other areas of the U.S.
Being an Entertainment Promoter (Sports Entertainment, Media Conventions, Actors Agent) I have been all over the World and the U.S. I know some great venues within this fine Country of ours.
Not getting ahead of ourselves so information will be coming shortly, Stay connected with us!

A portion of the Events proceeds will benefit the charity Angels Snugs

Angel Snugs

Angel Snugs, Inc. started with the passion of wanting to help others
and a hobby of knitting scarves.  These scarves can also be any type
of clothing accessory, i.e., beanies, socks, fingerless gloves, etc.

These “Angel Snugs” clothing are for babies and young children that suffer
from the dreaded disease of cancer.  The Promoter of the Doctor Who Event
suggested this group replicate the 4th Doctor’s (Tom Baker) scarves.

Its hard to get people to give to charities but in this case buying a much wanted WHO scarf
will honestly help with these children’s life and care if possible. Give kindly with your heart!